House Design Group creates collections of objects for houses that host travelers.
Travelers can discover and purchase our pieces and have them delivered directly to their home.

We live on a continuous journey between online and offline accompanied by the desire to return home and then leave again.

Purchases made on the web are related to the curiosity of discovering new places as well as new materials, shapes, lights, and colors able to tell stories related to the national tradition and craftsmanship.

In this precarious balance, the house understood as a structure used by human beings to protect itself remains a reference point for us even when we are traveling.
We have to respect the houses making it versatile and welcoming.


Lombrello, an online design boutique, offers a selection of vintage items, prototypes, unique pieces and tableware dedicated to the most demanding consumers.
The independent realities that are part of it have been carefully chosen for their aptitude for research design.

Lombrello was born as ecommerce in Milan in the spring of 2017, intercepting a growing demand from the public to let enter the design into their homes.

Tired of the mainstream and the contemporary trends that make places too similar to each other, we are looking for the uniqueness and imperfection of the object created with love and passion.

We appreciate objects that tell a unique history of what we find among our territories and that brings us the experiences of the multitude of cultures that crowds this country.
It never stops to amaze us.