Irene Balia

Painter from naissance with the sea in the hearth.

Ilaria Bianchi
Ilaria Bianchi

Product and furniture designer focused on materials and sustainability.

Matteo Cugnasca

He experiments with materials and applications in the artistic field.

Martina Di Paolo

Pencil in her hand since 1989, today she designs for companies and textile studios.

Enoc Side

The photographer and video maker worldwide based.

Eva Failla e Matilde Losi

Industrial product designer female duo focused on material and texile research.

Roberto Fanari
Roberto Fanari

Sculptor class 1984 based in Milan, makes everything happen with wire.

Cristian Loddo

Industrial and product designer. Design must make life easier.

Astrid Luglio

Her projects are often inspired by food, its history and culture.

Mandalaki Studio

Product design studio that mixes analytical research with creative thinking.

Isato Prugger

Product designer founded in 2016 Isato Prugger Design Studio.

Giulia Soldati

She researches ways to merge the world of food and design.