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A piece of furniture characterized by pure shapes, colors, and materials. The simplicity of the lines references a touch of high technology that goes in line with Apple products for which it is designed. Myeki Light is neither a smartphone charger nor a lamp. It is a new type of product designed to enrich and improve the user experience in a world of increasingly present electronic devices. The source of energy, when placed in a domestic environment, becomes a piece of furniture. Myeki Light consists of two versions: the first is wireless and is compatible with the Myeki System platform which provides the energy for charging and lighting through induction and mutual contact; the second is powered by a thin rubber cable that plugs into a USB socket which solves any issues with international compatibility and can be used nearly anywhere. Universal Ring is a part of the Myeki Universal line and is designed to fit into public and working spaces. With bright lines, its presence is marked with softness and elegance, helping the user find the power source. A new way to integrate power sources for domestic devices.