• Rovinette Column Carrara candle holder

Ilaria Bianchi


260,00 €


Rovinette, the new desk object collection designed by Ilaria Bianchi, is born from a reflection on historical landscapes. Candle-holders, mirrors, pencil-holders and card cases become small tabletop architectures, archetypal shapes that allow the creation of a personal capriccio vedutista. Marble (in all its variations: Carrara, Verde Guatemala, Cipollino Azul Bahia, Perlino Rosa, Giallo Reale, Travertino) is worked in two ways, milled and cleft. In the company of brass, the stone can thus express the contrast between nature and manufacture, continuous and broken lines, returning the symbolic weight of ancient things - in proportion to Rovinette’s physical and temporal scale. Rovinette establishes a visual imaginary that offers a brief escape from modernity. Looking up from work is the first step of a brief walk between ruins, an intimate space of solace and contemplation. These are objects that happily grow old: unafraid of the flow of time, they are an invitation to immerse oneself in it.